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Heartlight Student Experience

Through a weaving together of activities, counseling, teaching, group sessions, personal relationships, and involvement from parents, the Heartlight Boarding School has become trusted for its ability to create lasting change in the lives of teens.

Committed to Excellence, Driven by Relationships

When unhealthy patterns of dealing with life issues are present (lying, selfishness, deceitfulness, manipulation, entitlement, depression, lack of motivation, disrespect for authority, confusion, etc.), Heartlight Boarding School offers a safe and encouraging short-term living environment specifically designed to bring about a change in the teenager’s thinking and actions.

Our philosophy entails a biblical counseling approach with five levels of achievement. Each teen is involved in activities that offer support through individual and group counseling and 24/7 mentoring. Each staff member understands the security and significance we all seek can be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who desires to fill the empty chasms of life and give meaning, purpose, and direction to our life.

About Heartlight

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Identifying Issues and Implementing Change

Each Heartlight Boarding School resident meets weekly with a designated counselor who utilizes a biblical model of counseling. Each full-time, on-site counselor is responsible for the emotional care of approximately 10–15 students.

Counselors lead two group sessions and an individual counseling session with the student each week. They are intricately involved in the lives of the young people counseled, as well as with the parents, becoming the “point of contact” for each family.

Individualized and self-paced learning for each teen

Heartlight’s accredited school utilizes a unique setting where individual attention and instruction guarantees academic progress and growth. Each of our 5 teachers hold a master’s degree in their area of expertise, and are versed on each child’s educational needs.

Individual attention is given to each student to encourage successful academic progress, measured through weekly performance goals. Residents attend class five days a week and are given the opportunity to attend evening classes should they desire to “catch up” or “get ahead” in their curriculum.

Accredited by Cognia (formally AdvancED), the academics at Heartlight involves online learning coupled with individual instruction from educators that love teaching and have a genuine desire to see their students excel and succeed.

A Life-on-Life Relational Approach

It cannot be emphasized enough that the success of the Heartlight Boarding School program lies in the coordinated team effort made by the staff. Together, they provide an atmosphere of serious pursuit in resolving teen problems, while saturating each teen resident with personal relationships.

Providing An Activity Rich Daily Life

The programmed activity time fills the hours when residents are not in school or going to counseling sessions and meetings. Our program staff ensure schedules are filled with plenty of outdoor activity and make sure residents don’t get bored in the process.

Campus Life

Heartlight Campus Overview

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